WARNING: Prepare to be super busy when you become the GO TO agent in your market place when you implement the systems contained within Brand YOU.
Jason Ballo

“Using just one of Aaron’s strategies within Brand YOU I generated 7 listing appointments and secured 2 Immediate listings that both SOLD!” – Jason Ballo

Real Estate Brand YOU

is the success system to help you become the GO TO agent in your market place.

This is a limited opportunity to secure real estate’s ultimate marketing & prospecting system to help you become the GO TO agent in your area and insure you win more listings & make more sales.

Real Estate Brand YOU

Brand YOU will give you the exact tools to become the GO TO agent in your area to help you secure more listings and make more sales!

Aaron Shiner
Trainer & High Performance Sales Coach

Aaron Shiner

What’s inside?

Get the proven, tried and trusted success tools that real estate’s top agents are using to become the GO TO agent’s in their market place – for just $197!

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Real Estate Brand YOU

This morning, a seller in your area woke up and made the decision to call an agent. If they didn’t call you it can ONLY be because they don’t know you or they don’t believe you can give them the real estate solution they’re looking for.

Brand YOU is DEDICATED to making sure THEY DO know you AND you have EVERYTHING they need to get a great real estate result.

Aaron Shiner is the acknowledged industry leader on prospecting and marketing for real estate professionals.

These are the actual success ACTIONS that will help you attract and list more sellers in less time.

Webinar style

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:


  • The effective system of Give-To-Get Marketing used successfully by many of the most successful Fortune 500 companies.
  • How to take over your area and dominate your territory.
  • Discover the power of social media and how you can super-charge your lead generating efforts and MASSIVELY increase your engagement with very little effort.
  • Taking over a farm area.
  • All Aaron’s marketing and prospecting templates and tools.
  • Discover EXACTLY how to take over your territory with minimal expense and maximum speed.
  • Uncover the key essentials to flyer, postcard and letter prospecting.
  • The 9 lead sources that will take your contacts through the roof!
  • The new way to ‘just sold’ prospect that NO OTHER AGENT is doing. (This is a brilliant shortcut to lift results fast!)
  • Get your hands on the actual 3 step TAX TIME letter, text and phone call content that gets Aaron’s coaching clients truckload of leads, listings and sales every end of financial year.
  • Discover EXACTLY how to build your potential seller list from 0 to 1000 within 90 days.
  • Aaron will show you the 5 keys steps to farm area bombing, it’s the best way get market saturation fast. Aaron will also show you how to increase your results with Just Listed and Just Sold marketing campaigns with a very simple tweak.


  • The ultimate prospecting plan where you NEVER have to cold call or cold door knock ever again.
  • Creative ‘drop’ marketing templates like you’ve never seen before.
    Turn your farm area into a Tribe of raving fans within 90 days or less.
  • Next, Aaron will help you implement your post appraisal contact blueprint to make sure your vital follow up actions are world class and no listings fall through the cracks.
  • Strategies to build a recurring pipeline and constant flow of future sellers.
  • The prospecting blueprint.
  • How to take over a farm area and increase engagement with your database.
  • Smart prospecting methods using digital, social and traditional methods.
  • Find out the fastest way to build your personal brand and profile.
  • The secret to SMS messaging that makes EVERY contact read your text and why it’s now the single biggest communication edge you can own in your market.
  • Aaron will show you the EXACT SMS templates he uses to engage his pipeline sellers and build good will with his contacts.
  • With over 30mins of video and audio recordings you will discover the essential prospecting scripts and dialogues needed and to secure more listing appoints, Aaron will coach you on exactly what to say.


  • You will discover the exact steps to become the household name in your area and the perfect amount of touch points you should be making with your farm area and database.
  • Learn how to outperform the competition by leveraging your database.
  • Aaron will show you how to create lifetime value clients.
  • Aaron will show you step by step how to implement the five-step appraisal follow up blueprint.
  • Established the number of annual contacts (and the content you need to supply) to become a household name in your area.
  • Understand and leverage the power of life cycle marketing to not only attract but keep more contacts for the rest of your real estate career.
  • Learn the inner workings of a shoestring prospecting method that connects with potential sellers more than 8 times a year when the average agent may only connect 2 or 3 times.
  • Working together, you will help you implement a Marketing and Prospecting Calendar, tailor made for YOU. As a guide, you’ll be using the personal and private blueprint that Aaron used personally to generate over 500 listing appointments and 216 secured exclusive listings in a 12-month period.
  • Aaron will GIVE YOU the letters, flyers and templates you need to take control of your territory.
  • The 7 key secrets to retaining the contacts you’ve worked so hard to get.


  • Agents who become the authority in their networks have much greater leverage than those who don’t. Find out how to build instant credibility and authority for yourself and grow your business.
  • Growing A Superstar-like Personal Brand to become the GO TO agent in your area.
  • Understand how to get more listings, more often, by creating a ‘tribe’ of followers.
  • Aaron shows you how to deploy his 10 Daily Prospecting and Marketing Checklist and nail down a similar appropriate system for YOU. This will set you up for life.
  • Nurturing clients for life.
  • How to convert appraisals into listings in this current market.
  • Advanced appraisal follow-up strategies.
  • Identify the best marketing methods to fill your new business pipeline so you ALWAYS have a quantity of motivated sellers regardless of the economy or market conditions.
  • Pick up some awesome phone prospecting tips you’ll want to start using TODAY to get more listings and make more sales.
  • Aaron will how you how to discover the low hanging fruit in your business with the 4 clients groups and how to best engage each group to increase your ROI.
  • You will discover the 10 critical areas of the Marketing & Prospecting skills audit to benchmark yourself against industry leaders.

We send you the whole training series on DVD and USB so you own it forever!

Real Estate Brand YOU

You Want Better Prospecting ideas?

Your personal marketing actions DIRECTLY RELATE to your PROSPECTING SUCCESS. A rapidly growing number of agents are now using this SPECIFIC marketing platform to boost their market share regardless of competition or even how long they have been in real estate. This works for rookies and works for Pros. This is the ESSENTIAL GUIDE to position YOU as the agent of choice in your area.

Plus… as part of this special heavily discounted offer, you also get EVERYTHING on USB & CD

We send you EVERYTHING in the mail so you own it forever!

We can’t avoid spending time driving from A to B… But we CAN choose exactly what we do on the way.
The full audio version of Brand YOU is the perfect way to profit from every trip. So do what Aaron does and turn your car into your own personal success university as you discover…
Over 3 hours of audio

The unique and powerful prospecting actions that only 5% of agents actually do.

The simple 'trick' to double your prospecting success.

How to set up the essential systems in your business by following the lead of real estate's best.

The very best personal marketing tools that save you time and make you money.

The 4 telephone prospecting rules that you need to live by.

Why Anniversary Prospecting is one of the industries/industry's secret weapon and why you're CRAZY if you don't use it for yourself. (It's amazing but only 3% of agents do this. Aaron will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to set up and execute this highly lucrative prospecting method).

Over 3 hours of the very best real estate training money can buy.

‘Keep it, No Matter What’
100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re 200% sold on this special offer but if you’re not that’s okay. Here’s the deal: If within 30 days of your investment, you’re not convinced this complete package and additional bonus products are going to help you get more listings and make more sales, just let us know and receive 100% of your money back PLUS keep EVERYTHING we’ve sent you.

You get the ultimate real estate success coaching package, worth more than $597, for just $197

That’s a discount of 67%

But if you are one of the FIRST 100 to order, you will also receive 8 bonus real estate success products* to insure you have your best year ever in real estate!!

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You’ll also receive these 8 awesome and career boosting success bonuses worth $2000

The Selling Road Map
The Selling Road Map

The Selling Road Map takes your potential client through each of the 20 critical steps of the selling process. This document is designed to showcase your experience and help your future seller better understand the selling process. It’s a great way to add value to your potential client.

Aaron’s material is the best… and he’s out there every day doing just like me. Since I started using his ideas and systems my business has increased by 90 percent.

Steve Isbill

The Ultimate Sellers To Do List
The Ultimate Sellers To Do List

Is the perfect document to offer to potential sellers, include as part of your pre-listing kit, heck… you can even email it as a pdf! It’s a super practical, step-by-step guide to show you care and that your service goes way beyond making the sale. Some agents are using it post-presentation as a way to get back in the door! So many uses!!

Wow, day 3 of the month, 1 sale, 2 offers and 7 appraisal so far for the week!!!

Samantha Crane

Client Questionnaire
Client Questionnaire

“5 Questions To Help Us Help You” template. Include it as part of your prelisting kit, Getting Pre-Sold BEFORE you arrive is a powerful marketing strategy top agents use to boost their chances of conversion at every listing presentation. Including this Client Questionnaire not only helps engage your potential new client, you’re getting valuable feedback to help you present your best and win the listing.

Just wanted to let you know that we recorded the most amount of sales in our 60 year history… we recorded 529 sales. Implementing these ideas into our office helped us make an extra $900,000 in the last year. A big thank you for all your help. We are pumped and hoping to break more records again this year!

Ben Ridley

The Home Selling Blueprint
The Home Selling Blueprint

Is the perfect document for leaving with sellers who have not signed the agreement with you yet. It explains step by step how to go from listed to SOLD. Go beyond being an agent and become a marketer! TURBO CHARGE your chances of getting the listing and boost your authority with this professional grade, multipage Home Sellers Blue Print.

Hey Aaron… the listing blitz is working brilliantly for me! Just listed 5 more.

Jason Maxwell

Your Town, Your Report
Your Town, Your Report

Meet the latest rising star in Real Estate marketing .YOUR TOWN, YOUR REPORT is a simple double sided lead generator that communicates a powerful message to position you as the real estate authority in your area. The front page localizes your message with a local relevant image while the back page offers social proof of your authority and local knowledge. Where to use YOUR TOWN, YOUR REPORT: Open homes, Your Pre-Listing Kit, Area Letter drop, Direct Mail to your clients, Facebook Post.

In the last year our company doubled it’s gross commission earnings going from $400,000 to $850,000. A brilliant result from a brilliant system.

Troy Kincaid

14 Rock Solid closing techniques
14 Rock Solid closing techniques

With over 20mins of recorded Scripts & Dialogues audio Aaron will show you the exact words to use to close the listing every time. These closes will help you secure more listings and help you stand out as the TO GO agent in your area.

What an amazing ride! We’ve gone from $10 in the bank to making $359,000 in personal income in the past financial year using these ideas. Aaron’s Systems gave us some awesome fresh ideas and confidence to take it all to the next level.

Steve & Leonie Welsby

Fee Defender Scripts & Dialogues
Fee Defender Scripts & Dialogues

With over 18mins of recorded audio Aaron will show you how to win the fee you’re entitled to – Aaron will share his top 10 scripts and dialogues and show you how to protect your fee and negotiate a higher commission. The next time a seller challenges your fee, you’ll have ALL the answers. These brilliant scripts will not only help you win the fee you deserve, they will help your seller understand exactly why YOU are the BEST agent to help them sell. Most agents are forced to accept lower.

Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues is without doubt, the best value-for-money training on the market. No fluff or theory. Just proven ideas we can start using. The team LOVE it and are truly inspired and empowered to go to the next level.

Alan Hodgson

Aaron Shiner's Real Estate Roadmap
Aaron Shiner’s Real Estate Roadmap

The Real Estate Road Map breaks down the customer life cycle and gives you the exact actions to take in each of the 7 areas of the customer life cycle. Designed to be put up at your work station for quick reference to help you focus on key dollar productive activates.

This is a no brainer for us. We almost doubled annual commission to $850,000. Our VPA went from $750 to $2600. 22% of our listings sell over asking price and we dominate with a 42% market share. These are not just good strategies, they are industry best ideas.

Mark Theodore

If you’re ready to make the coming 12 months the best year of your career and the launching point for continual and increasing success then now is the time to take action.
The investment you make in your success today is tomorrow’s payday.

You’ll be inspired and motivated by real estate’s ultimate personal marketing and prospecting system.

Plus 8 BONUS success tools to help you right now!
Real Estate Brand YOU
The Selling Road Map
The Ultimate Sellers To Do List
Client Questionnaire
The Home Selling Blueprint
Your Town, Your Report
14 Rock Solid closing techniques
Fee Defender Scripts & Dialogues
Aaron Shiner's Real Estate Roadmap

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What you get:

For years, agents have been asking me how they can get hold of all my top real estate success tools and systems… and for years, I reserved them for my personal coaching clients who pay me in excess of $35,000 a year to personally train them.

Now that’s all about to change, but only for a special few and only for a limited time.

If you DO move forwards, you’ll have instant access to my very best ideas that have helped real estate’s top agents double and triple their numbers in a very short space of time.

We all have one mission in Real Estate and that’s to get better at what we do, this program is designed to help you go to that next level.

Yes thanks Aaron. I want to get these tools right now!
Real Estate Brand YOU
  • Total Value $2,597

  • ONLY$197/mo
      8 real estate success tools to help you right now!
      You get the DVD’s and a USB digital version included.
    • $2,597 VALUE
      For ONLY $197!
    • 100% GUARANTEE
      My world famous 100% rock solid money back guarantee.

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Let us help you become the best agent in your area

Total Value $2,597 Real Estate Brand YOU + 8 bonuses

Get the proven, tried and trusted success tools that real estate’s top agents are using to win more listings and make more sales.

8 Success Tools
Lifetime Access
100% Guarantee

  • Brand YOU Video
  • Brand YOU Audio
  • The Selling Road Map
  • The Ultimate Sellers To Do List
  • Client Questionnaire
  • The Home Selling Blueprint
  • Your Town, You Report
  • 14 Rock Solid closing techniques
  • Fee Defender Scripts & Dialogues
  • Aaron Shiner’s Real Estate Roadmap
Payment types

‘Keep it, No Matter What’
100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re 200% sold on this special offer but if you’re not that’s okay. Here’s the deal: If within 30 days of your investment, you’re not convinced this complete package and additional bonus products are going to help you get more listings and make more sales, just let us know and receive 100% of your money back PLUS keep EVERYTHING we’ve sent you.